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Don't use ALL CAPS in CSVs
Convert to lower case and update scripts.

Closes #13
2022-04-16 18:44:20 +03:00
Use lowercase "mandatory"
Closes #12
2022-04-16 18:20:06 +03:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
f053147361 changed namespaces for domain and range 2022-02-16 14:35:36 +01:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
ce67fef73c fixing python version 2022-02-16 09:29:51 +01:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
2590cfc9cd updating url of vocabularies 2022-02-16 09:28:14 +01:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
78e3dce29e cleaning code to generate rdf 2022-02-16 09:10:54 +01:00
util/ controlled vocabularies
We are planning to remove the controlled vocabularies from the CSV
files so we should not expect that this column will exist. Instead,
check if there is a controlled vocabulary in the data directory.

The controlled vocabularies were already exported once using the
util/ script so we don't actually
need them in the CSVs anymore.
2022-01-30 20:04:28 +03:00
fe36c5c25b util/*.py: run isort
Sorts and organizes the Python imports.
2022-01-30 13:29:07 +03:00
util/ update comment 2022-01-11 20:57:42 +02:00
util/ update logic
Detect actual HTTP return codes for various situations:

- HTTP 500 means the schema or field already exists
- HTTP 415 means we are posting some invalid data
- HTTP 404 means the parent schema does not exist
2022-01-11 20:55:34 +02:00
util/ fix error in POST
The missing "headers=headers" was causing an HTTP 415 that took me
over an hour to fix. Sigh.
2022-01-11 20:54:19 +02:00
util/ clean up output
Minor nitpick after staring at this while debugging for an hour. I
think the period at the end of these lines is ugly.
2022-01-11 20:53:55 +02:00
Add util/
Script to read the ISEAL Core and FSC metadata CSVs and create the
appropriate schemas and metadata fields in a DSpace 6.x repository.
2022-01-09 10:10:00 +02:00
d629a1ab17 Add util/
This script is only used to export the controlled vocabularies from
the schema CSV files. Eventually we will remove them from there and
it won't be needed anymore.
2022-01-06 12:40:20 +02:00
75076124a5 util/ use dspace field name
Now all elements have DSpace field names so we can use that as the
unique identifier for each element.
2022-01-06 12:40:20 +02:00
d37bfc453f util/ add support for fsc.csv
Currently the only difference is the name of the module column and
that there are no mandatory fields so we need to be careful there.
2021-12-21 19:07:16 +02:00
Update references to shema-fields.csv 2021-12-20 12:04:11 +02:00
util/ add execute bit
So we can run it directly without calling Python.
2021-12-18 22:40:08 +02:00
Rename util/ to util/
Use imperative mood and a dash instead of underscore.
2021-12-18 22:38:57 +02:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
ac308fb1db adding fsc rdf 2021-12-16 12:58:15 +01:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
355fa3a56f Update 2021-12-16 09:58:51 +01:00
Marie-Angélique Laporte
6f62b97b53 rdf regenerate 2021-12-13 14:20:13 +01:00
util/ re-work vocabularies
Read vocabularies from the data/controlled-vocabularies directory
instead of exporting them from the schema itself. Also, I use the
name vocabulary.txt for all of them on the site since they are in
each field's directory already.
2021-12-13 15:03:20 +02:00
util/ update comment 2021-12-13 13:31:29 +02:00
util/ minor re-org
We get the cluster first since clusters encompass modules.
2021-12-13 13:20:09 +02:00
util/ don't split element name on dash
We don't need to do this anymore since we adopted the new clusters
and cleaned up the element name field.
2021-12-13 13:17:03 +02:00
util/ read schema from CSV
Read the schema fields from CSV instead of Excel now that there is
a copy here in the repository.
2021-12-07 22:57:09 +02:00
util/ update for clusters and modules
Peter re-worked the schema to incorporate the concept of clusters
and modules.
2021-11-26 11:58:06 +02:00
util/ Update header 2021-11-17 17:16:22 +02:00
util/ write module to content
We need to write the IDSS module to the site content.
2021-11-11 15:05:18 +02:00
Rename util/ to util/
This script doesn't generate the docs itself. It actually only does
the schema parsing to generate the metadata term content and vocabs.
The docs site is generated by Hugo after running this.
2021-11-01 09:04:57 +02:00
Add util/
This script parses the Excel schema file to produce term metadata
and extract controlled vocabularies to the site content directory.
After running this we can generate the site using Hugo.
2021-11-01 08:21:50 +02:00