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Add fix for normalizing DOIs 2024-04-25 12:49:19 +03:00
Add data/abstract-check.csv
A test file with several whitespace and newline scenarios in the
abstract. I am currently disabling whitespace/newline fixes in the
abstract because they are too agressive.
2023-02-07 16:50:47 +03:00
Ignore subregion field for missing region checks
All checks were successful
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
Due to a sloppy regex I was sometimes matching the subregion field
when checking for missing UN M.49 regions in the region field.
2022-12-07 23:18:47 +01:00
Add new data/test-geography.csv test file
All checks were successful
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
This file has metadata to test different scenarios related to chec-
king and fixing missing regions.
2022-09-01 16:57:29 +03:00
data/test.csv: update invalid AGROVOC entry
Now that we can drop invalid AGROVOC values we should have a valid
value and an invalid value here. Depending on how the checker is
invoked we will either print a warning or drop the invalid value.
2021-12-23 12:45:38 +02:00
data/test.csv: add data for countries without regions check 2021-12-08 15:17:55 +02:00
data/text.csv: Add data for title in citation test 2021-12-05 16:23:06 +02:00
Add check for missing DOIs
All checks were successful
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
Sometimes an editor includes a DOI in the citation field, but does
not add a standalone DOI field.
2021-10-06 21:25:39 +03:00
data/test.csv: Update mojibake example
All checks were successful
continuous-integration/drone/push Build is passing
I was trying to find where I got this one and it seems to have been
the other way around. Doesn't matter here only that I was curious.
2021-08-19 15:48:41 +03:00
Add mojibake to data/test.csv and tests 2021-03-19 10:28:33 +02:00
data/test.csv: Add duplicate item 2021-03-17 09:54:14 +02:00
data/test.csv: Move some DC fields to DCTERMS
The original Dublin Core elements set was superceded by DCTERMS in
2008 and we have started using them in our DSpace repository so I
think it's good to update them in our test data. Old DC fields are
still checked and fixed in this tool, though.

It's worth nothing that currently supported DSpace versions (4, 5,
and 6) all have hard-coded a few fields like dc.title internally so
we can't migrate those to their DCTERMS counterparts just yet.
2021-03-11 10:49:05 +02:00
data/test.csv: Add invalid SPDX license
Now we are checking dcterms.license against the list of SPDX license
identifiers using https://pypi.org/project/spdx-license-list/.
2021-03-11 10:34:58 +02:00
data/test.csv: Add unnecessary multi-value separator 2021-01-03 15:33:04 +02:00
Add Unicode normalization
This will check all strings for un-normalized Unicode characters.
Normalization is done using NFC. This includes tests and updated
sample data (data/test.csv).

See: https://withblue.ink/2019/03/11/why-you-need-to-normalize-unicode-strings.html
2020-01-15 11:37:54 +02:00
data/test.csv: Change birthdate column to dc.date.issued
More accurately reflects actual data we will be validating.
2019-09-26 14:15:48 +03:00
Experimental language detection using langid
Works decenty well assuming the title, abstract, and citation fields
are an accurate representation of the language as identified by the
language field. Handles ISO 639-1 (alpha 2) and ISO 639-3 (alpha 3)
values seamlessly.

This includes updated pipenv environment, test data, pytest tests
for both correct and incorrect ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-3 languages,
and a new command line option "-e".
2019-09-26 13:46:32 +03:00
data/test.csv: Update titles of language tests
ISO 639-1 is alpha 2 and ISO 639-3 is alpha 3.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes
2019-09-26 07:40:27 +03:00
data/test.csv: Rename contributor column to title
This makes more sense as a description of each test and the titles
are obviously not authors.
2019-09-26 05:50:40 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add sample for missing space after comma 2019-08-28 00:08:26 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add test for replacement of unneccessary Unicode 2019-08-11 00:08:44 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add test case for uncommon filename extension 2019-08-10 23:46:56 +03:00
Update tests 2019-08-01 23:59:11 +03:00
data/test.csv: Clarify that newline is a line feed 2019-07-31 13:03:43 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add item with missing date 2019-07-30 21:02:51 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add missing date
I was meaning to test for an invalid multi-value separator here!
2019-07-30 21:01:42 +03:00
Add support for removing newlines
This was tricky because of the nature of newlines. In actuality we
are removing Unix line feeds here (U+000A) because Windows carriage
returns are actually already removed by the string stripping in the
whitespace fix.

Creating the test case in Vim was difficult because I couldn't fig-
ure out how to manually enter a line feed character. In the end I
used a search and replace on a known pattern like "ALAN", replacing
it with \r. Neither entering the Unicode code point (U+000A) direc-
tly or typing an "Enter" character after ^V worked. Grrr.
2019-07-30 20:05:12 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add dc.subject column for AGROVOC tests 2019-07-30 00:33:31 +03:00
Add support for validating languages
Will validate against ISO 639-2 or ISO 639-3 depending on how long
the language field is. Otherwise will return that the language is

Does not currently have any support for generic values like "Other".
2019-07-29 18:59:42 +03:00
data/test.csv: Use more descriptive tests
To make it obvious what each item is testing.
2019-07-29 17:38:46 +03:00
Add check for "suspicious" characters
These standalone characters often indicate issues with encoding or
copy/paste in languages with accents like French and Spanish. For
example: foreˆt should be forêt.

It is not possible to fix these issues automatically, but this will
print a warning so you can notify the owner of the data.
2019-07-29 17:08:49 +03:00
Add support for fixing "unnecessary" Unicode
These are things like non-breaking spaces, "replacement" characters,
etc that add nothing to the metadata and often cause errors during
parsing or displaying in a UI.
2019-07-29 16:38:10 +03:00
Add "unsafe fixes" runtime option
In this case it fixes occurences of invalid multi-value separators.
DSpace uses "||" to separate multiple values in one field, but our
editors sometimes give us files with mistakes like "|". We can fix
these to be correct multi-value separators if we are sure that the
metadata is not actually using "|" for some legitimate purpose.
2019-07-28 22:53:39 +03:00
Add Excel verion of test file 2019-07-28 17:07:33 +03:00
data/test.csv: Add some new records to test dates
Test invalid, missing, and multiple dates.
2019-07-28 16:23:55 +03:00
Move tests.csv to data directory 2019-07-27 00:02:47 +03:00