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A test file with several whitespace and newline scenarios in the
abstract. I am currently disabling whitespace/newline fixes in the
abstract because they are too agressive.
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Alan Orth 2023-02-07 16:50:47 +03:00
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@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
1,Normal item,This is an abstract
2,Leading whitespace, This is an abstract
3,Trailing whitespace,This is an abstract
4,Consecutive whitespace,This is an abstract
is an abstract"
6,Newline with leading whitespace," This
is an abstract"
7,Newline with trailing whitespace,"This
is an abstract "
8,Newline with consecutive whitespace,"This
is an abstract"
9,Multiple newlines,"This
1 id dc.title dcterms.abstract
2 1 Normal item This is an abstract
3 2 Leading whitespace This is an abstract
4 3 Trailing whitespace This is an abstract
5 4 Consecutive whitespace This is an abstract
6 5 Newline This is an abstract
7 6 Newline with leading whitespace This is an abstract
8 7 Newline with trailing whitespace This is an abstract
9 8 Newline with consecutive whitespace This is an abstract
10 9 Multiple newlines This is an abstract