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I was trying to find where I got this one and it seems to have been
the other way around. Doesn't matter here only that I was curious.
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Alan Orth 2021-08-19 15:48:41 +03:00
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@ -32,4 +32,4 @@ Unnecessary multi-value separator,2021-01-03,0378-5955||,,,,,,,
Invalid SPDX license identifier,2021-03-11,,,,,,,CC-BY,
Duplicate Title,2021-03-17,,,,,,,,Report
Duplicate Title,2021-03-17,,,,,,,,Report
Mojibake,2021-03-18,,,,CIAT Publicaçao,,,,Report
Mojibake,2021-03-18,,,,Publicaçao CIAT,,,,Report

1 dc.title dcterms.issued dc.identifier.issn dc.identifier.isbn dcterms.language dcterms.subject cg.coverage.country filename dcterms.license dcterms.type
32 Duplicate Title 2021-03-17 Report
33 Duplicate Title 2021-03-17 Report
34 Mojibake 2021-03-18 CIAT Publicaçao Publicaçao CIAT Report