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Alan Orth 17e5212f76
dotfiles/config/waybar: hardcode Font Awesome 2024-05-06 17:06:36 +03:00
Alan Orth d21cb6a169
dotfiles/local/bin: update 2024-04-28 13:11:48 +03:00
Alan Orth 4c2b8eb267
dotfiles/zshrc: remove NODE_OPTIONS
I set this via .mise.toml in each project now.
2024-03-23 16:37:01 +03:00
Alan Orth 4356256836
dotfiles/zshrc: disable vulkan WLR_RENDERER
This is still buggy. Lots of flickering.
2024-03-23 16:36:35 +03:00
Alan Orth d4415cf264
dotfiles/config/sway: use foot instead of wezterm
foot feels more minimal.
2024-03-23 16:35:12 +03:00
Alan Orth 525d0a6fab
dotfiles/zshrc: remove node_modules/bin
Don't need this anymore since we've moved on to DSpace 7 everywhere.
2024-03-18 11:10:43 +03:00
Alan Orth 68d65ab43f
dotfiles/wezterm.lua: use Selenized Dark theme
As of recent Wezterm release.
2024-01-30 08:50:50 +03:00
Alan Orth a520a68d04
dotfiles/zshrc: remove RTX_HIDE_UPDATE_WARNING
I don't think rtx has used this for some time, and now that rtx was
renamed to mise it definitely won't read it.
2024-01-04 10:07:55 +03:00
Alan Orth c84aa26825
dotfiles/zshrc: rtx→mise 2024-01-04 09:13:32 +03:00
Alan Orth 6e18cca897
config.yaml: add
Script to convert files to AV1. I don't know if this works actually
because we use dotdrop to manage ~/.local/bin as well.
2024-01-01 22:02:20 +03:00
Alan Orth 8f53c7fa5c
dotfiles/zshrc: use vulkan renderer in Sway 2023-12-27 08:39:57 +03:00
Alan Orth 2ebf5090e0
Revert "dotfiles/zshrc: use vulkan in Sway"
This reverts commit 634e44346c.

This actually removed the setting entirely instead of enabling it.
2023-12-27 08:38:54 +03:00
Alan Orth d88642c3d3
Revert "dotfiles/zshrc: remove MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND"
This reverts commit d96d8d6550.

Thunderbird still needs this!
2023-12-26 10:01:17 +03:00
Alan Orth 190e1cd550
Use wezterm instead of foot
It's fast and Wayland native, but doesn't have the weird character
box width glitch.
2023-12-24 22:10:20 +03:00
Alan Orth 634e44346c
dotfiles/zshrc: use vulkan in Sway
This is much more stable than the last time I tried it.
2023-12-24 22:09:14 +03:00
Alan Orth d96d8d6550
dotfiles/zshrc: remove MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND
Wayland is enabled by default on all platforms as of Firefox 121.
2023-12-22 08:35:29 +03:00
Alan Orth 5d285d1677
Add ~/.wezterm.lua
Contains basic config with Selenized colorscheme.
2023-12-10 21:47:50 +03:00
Alan Orth 30ce3d5e1d
dotfiles/zshrc: only use some opts on dev hosts
Only use the Node.js and rsync variables on dev hosts.
2023-09-26 09:58:24 +03:00
Alan Orth e33ac6ffcb
dotfiles/zshrc: add RSYNC_OLD_ARGS
Some time last year rsync made a breaking change around argument
2023-09-26 09:57:24 +03:00
Alan Orth 0e7a2b7b1e
dotfiles/zshrc: add NODE_OPTIONS
I need this so Angular applications like DSpace's frontend don't
crash during build due to JavaScript heap memory.
2023-09-26 09:56:35 +03:00
Alan Orth 6847354160
dotfiles: use fuzzel instead of wofi
Wofi is unmaintained since late 2022.
2023-08-22 15:05:02 +03:00
Alan Orth c38e7d8280
dotfiles/local/bin/ use magick prefix
This is the newer ImageMagick syntax.
2023-08-22 14:52:24 +03:00
Alan Orth 26cad4107e
Import fuzzel configuration 2023-08-22 14:44:55 +03:00
Alan Orth 5c684c084f dotfiles/zshrc: don't show rtx version warnings 2023-04-30 07:25:10 +03:00
Alan Orth 113496cc2b
dotfiles/zshrc: switch from asdf to rtx 2023-03-20 14:14:48 +03:00
Alan Orth 50fab353e2
Update waybar style
Fix incorrect selenized dark color, reduce padding around workspace
module, improve colors for battery charging, improve bottom border
on active workspace.
2023-03-02 21:12:02 +03:00
Alan Orth b468cf8c94
Update waybar style
Use selenized dark color palette instead of solarized dark.
2023-03-02 15:56:37 +03:00
Alan Orth c7a14964b0
Switch to waybar
Remove custom sway script and use waybar instead.
2023-02-24 20:07:50 +03:00
Alan Orth 3f5393758e
dotfiles/zshrc: pip/poetry keyring fix
I finally figured out why this annoying keyring unlock happens when
I do a pip/poetry install. Good riddance!

2023-02-05 21:23:12 +03:00
Alan Orth f4465c4056
dotfiles/zshrc: don't use Vulkan in Sway
It is really buggy on older Intel, and even on newer Intel apps like
Thunderbird are unusable.
2023-01-03 10:47:31 +03:00
Alan Orth 96fb353c2c
dotfiles/zshrc: use Vulkan renderer in Sway
Sway 1.8 greatly improved their Vulkan renderer so I'm going to try
to use it now.
2022-12-26 15:09:24 +02:00
Alan Orth 01bb3f6d3a
dotfiles: update tmux.conf
Now that all my hosts are running new enough userlands to support
the tmux-256color terminfo entry I can use it everywhere. Notably
this enables italics to work inside tmux.

Also update comment about the tmux-specific terminfo extensions
for true color. I need to keep using "Tc" until all my hosts have
tmux 3.2+.

2022-11-26 15:01:38 +03:00
Alan Orth b3a7212ff7 dotfiles: add comment to foot.ini
This is how to check if a term entry exists on the local system.
2022-11-11 09:02:48 +03:00
Alan Orth 7f024d3cff
dotfiles/zshrc: set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=sway
This was set in ~/.pam_environment up until a few days ago, but I
forgot to add it when I moved the exports to .zshrc. We need this
for xdg-desktop-portal to know we're on Sway for screensharing.
2022-11-10 19:14:35 +03:00
Alan Orth 811e10f04d
dotfiles/vimrc: fix truecolor support
I never really knew why the colors looked different inside and out
of tmux. Now they look correct everywhere!

2022-11-07 22:18:26 +03:00
Alan Orth 188e055677
dotfiles/config/tmux/tmux.conf: true color
Enable true color support in tmux. I didn't even know this was not
working in my current setup. Very interesting read below.

2022-11-07 21:55:39 +03:00
Alan Orth 79cf112ad4
dotfiles/zshrc: export Sway variables
We need to export these from zsh in our TTY so Sway can read them
when it starts. Sigh.
2022-11-06 21:33:39 +03:00
Alan Orth ee09822398
dotfiles/config/sway/config: remove systemctl import-environment
This was apparently deprecated and no longer works as intended. You
must name all variables you want to import now.
2022-11-06 21:30:20 +03:00
Alan Orth 75ebcd48e3
Remove ~/.pam_environment
It has been deprecated for a long time and Arch Linux finally rem-
oved support for it from pambase.

2022-11-06 21:23:34 +03:00
Alan Orth 8b23f5748e
dotfiles/config/wofi/style.css: update
Latest selenized-dark from Selenized repo.

2022-11-01 10:18:25 +03:00
Alan Orth 144e015223
dotfiles/zshrc: check if exists
This exists on Arch, but not if I'm running the dotfiles on some
random server.
2022-08-31 19:16:45 +03:00
Alan Orth dd44606a6f
dotfiles/zshrc: use asdf on all profiles 2022-08-31 19:14:47 +03:00
Alan Orth a1eb0994fd
dotfiles/zshrc: new genpass alias 2022-08-31 16:59:58 +03:00
Alan Orth 936385d111
dotfiles/config/sway/config: float LibreOffice import 2022-08-18 20:40:50 -07:00
Alan Orth 808e06eaf8
dotfiles/zshrc: add comment about ssh-agent socket 2022-08-14 13:51:06 -07:00
Alan Orth 6d568a8c94
dotfiles/config/sway/config: float iwgtk 2022-08-13 14:41:23 -07:00
Alan Orth 59d99715ab update instructions
I'm using the AUR package for dotdrop now.
2022-08-12 20:59:32 -07:00
Alan Orth f1b55c6be9
Add ssh-agent service and ssh config
Add a systemd user service to start the ssh-agent and add an ssh
config to automatically add ssh identities to the agent when they
are used (otherwise we have to add them manually). I will see how
this works out.

2022-08-12 16:23:06 -07:00
Alan Orth afa622369b
dotfiles/zshrc: update
Remove unused Kitty and ASDF variables, and export SSH_AUTH_SOCK.
2022-08-12 16:21:55 -07:00
Alan Orth 50bb7df89e
dotfiles/zshrc: add comment about GPG_TTY
This is only needed for pinentry-curses.
2022-08-12 08:47:33 -07:00