Revert "ansible.cfg: Temporary workaround for Ansible > connection issue"

This reverts commit 4f357f336f.

On a hunch I recreated my Ansible virtualenv using Python 2.7 and now
connections work properly again without this. Something seems to have
happened with Python 3 in Ansible >

For reference, Python version was 3.6.3 when it was not working, and
now it is working with Python 2.7.14.
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Alan Orth 2017-11-01 13:01:55 +02:00
parent 5147f4029b
commit 0463c3c0b8
Signed by: alanorth
GPG Key ID: 0FB860CC9C45B1B9

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@ -4,8 +4,6 @@ force_handlers=True
# instead of using --ask-vault-pass
# temporary workaround for timeout issues in ansible >
transport = paramiko
# instead of using -K