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Alan Orth c537abcff2
cv.tex: Add OpenStreetMap to interests 2021-07-08 10:17:20 +03:00
Alan Orth 2538c74dcc Fix image name 2021-04-14 11:49:37 +03:00
Alan Orth 0beccd9e88 Fix sample image
I moved this repository from GitHub and the syntax for images is
2021-04-14 11:48:09 +03:00
Alan Orth 0f24abc003
cv.tex: Update 2021-04-13 22:22:35 +03:00
Alan Orth f2525ab83c
cv.tex: Update roles and add reading interest 2020-05-26 20:14:22 +03:00
Alan Orth 748505d8a9
cv.tex: Update role 2020-05-26 20:06:38 +03:00
Alan Orth 17e4d43dc4
cv.tex: Update job roles 2020-05-26 14:48:13 +03:00
Alan Orth b55c800da3
cv.tex: Change style
It seems the default changed since I last used this...
2020-05-26 14:47:40 +03:00
Jason Rogena 3f41c6bb60 Fix "prerequisites" typo in README
Seems prerequisites in the main README file has a typo. This commit
fixes that.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>
2019-10-14 23:53:53 +03:00
Alan Orth bdcb8e0be8
Merge pull request #8 from jasonrogena/archlinux-texlive-fontsextra
Adds texlive-fontsextra to Archlinux's Prerequisites
2019-10-14 23:51:02 +03:00
Jason Rogena e70b3d9ecd
Add texlive-fontsextra to Archlinux prerequisites
Add texlive-fontsextra to the list of installed packages on Archlinux.
I get the following error if the package is not installed when I try to
build the PDF using "make":

  LaTeX Error: File `fontawesome.sty' not found.

Tested using the archlinux/base:latest Docker image. The command I ran
before building the PDF is:

  pacman -Sy texlive-core texlive-latexextra make

Then tried build the PDF by running:

  make clean

After I got the error above, I installed texlive-fontsextra using:

  pacman -Sy texlive-fontsextra

Then tried to build again. The build worked OK the second time. The
generated PDF also had the right fontawesome icons.

Before installing texlive-fontsextra, I had tried just installing the
fontawesome package using:

  pacman -Sy ttf-font-awesome

I, however, got the same error when I tried to build the PDF after.

Signed-off-by: Jason Rogena <>
2019-10-13 17:45:44 +03:00
Alan Orth 55ec0fb443
cv.tex: Upgrade Bulgarian skills to intermediate 2019-01-02 23:40:37 +02:00
Alan Orth f0d09cfbf4
cv.tex: Add Arabic to language skills 2019-01-02 23:39:58 +02:00
Alan Orth 287f7751a9
cv.tex: Add Solr to list of skills 2018-09-25 17:00:45 +03:00
Alan Orth 246dc30f8d
cv.tex: Switch to casual style 2018-01-14 14:51:44 +02:00
Alan Orth e82c73ddb3
.gitignore: Add .DS_Store 2018-01-14 14:44:04 +02:00
Alan Orth 5e9f8a7e5b
cv.tex: Updates from template.tex
Lots of options changed in moderncv 2.0.0.
2018-01-14 14:37:16 +02:00
Alan Orth 50115596f1
template.tex: Set encoding to UTF-8
Otherwise you get weird characters for non-ASCII characters when using
pdflatex. I tried to run xelatex but it can't find FontAwesome.
2018-01-14 14:24:42 +02:00
Alan Orth bdb1a7dce9
Add new template from moderncv maintainer
Seems a few things have changed for newer versions of moderncv since I
set up this repository. Current version of moderncv is 2.0.0.
2018-01-14 14:21:03 +02:00
Alan Orth 89ef5724ef Update macOS instructions
It seems that moderncv and its fontawesome dependency are available in
the repository, so we should just install it from there.
2018-01-14 14:15:03 +02:00
Alan Orth fb64667df7 Update BasicTex for 2017 2018-01-14 14:05:01 +02:00
Alan Orth 1f89bb63d0
cv.tex: Add Ansible to skills 2016-12-22 15:08:18 +02:00
Alan Orth 3b59498988
cv.tex: Add some new information 2016-12-22 14:55:22 +02:00
Alan Orth 28fc954cbe
cv.tex: Update phone number 2016-12-22 14:55:00 +02:00
Alan Orth 2bda2f8493 Update notes for Mac OS X setup 2016-12-22 14:54:26 +02:00
Alan Orth c6ea24e0a9 Use a real arrow 2016-12-22 10:24:53 +02:00
Alan Orth 627707aa2c Update Mac OS X instructions for 2016 2016-12-22 10:23:42 +02:00
Alan Orth 625e9ee470 Merge pull request #6 from rwanyoike/cleanup
Remove unused picture.jpg file
2016-05-17 00:02:23 +03:00
Alan Orth 7dfdf1507a Merge pull request #5 from rwanyoike/template.tex
Update template.tex with the latest version
2016-05-17 00:00:38 +03:00
Raymond Wanyoike 4f6a6473ec Remove unused picture.jpg file 2016-05-15 18:12:32 +03:00
Raymond Wanyoike c5857b2847 Update template.tex with the latest version 2016-05-15 18:11:40 +03:00
Alan Orth 9e317452f3
cv.tex: Update current status of ILRI employment 2016-04-08 11:03:44 +03:00
Alan Orth 024e84807d
cv.tex: Add Python to skills list 2016-04-08 10:57:00 +03:00
Alan Orth 86794b023c
cv.tex: Update phone number to Bulgaria 2016-04-07 18:53:53 +03:00
Alan Orth 48c5adca60 cv.tex: Add to list of blogs
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2016-03-28 12:33:48 +03:00
Alan Orth b7dcdf9422
cv.tex: Use blog DNS name instead of description
It's not obvious that you can click the text in the PDF. We lose
the description this way, but oh well.

Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2016-03-28 12:31:25 +03:00
Alan Orth 4f2f70e027 Adjust headings
I originally made these effectively <h2> headers because I didn't
want to compete with the GitHub headings when the file was viewed
on their web interface. As it turns out, GitHub renders this in an
HTML5 article tag, which sits in its own world on the page, so it
shouldn't matter.

Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2016-03-28 12:19:16 +03:00
Alan Orth 8b5459598f
cv.tex: Minor nitpick for "research-computing infrastructure"
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-09-28 20:13:33 +03:00
Alan Orth 1bd993dd37 Update Mac OS X instructions to create parent directories 2015-07-13 00:21:18 +03:00
Alan Orth 144078dfd6 Update Mac OS X instructions for TeX Live 2015 2015-07-13 00:20:34 +03:00
Alan Orth 91085c8f10 Add Mac OS X build instructions
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-12 15:20:34 +03:00
Alan Orth bac8517a6b Use spaces instead of tabs for indent
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-12 15:07:02 +03:00
Alan Orth 606a69c95f Clean up some copiuous whitespace
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-11 23:08:35 +03:00
Alan Orth 43dc9f3d30 Add prompts to shell code snippets
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-11 23:05:41 +03:00
Alan Orth e4edc3cc5c Fix typo
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-11 23:04:16 +03:00
Alan Orth fc4186fa33 Use relative link for screenshot
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-11 23:03:56 +03:00
Alan Orth 430f22a17d Adjust headings
When rendered in GitHub the most-prominent element on the page
should be an H1, so let's start at H2.

Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-06-11 23:00:03 +03:00
Alan Orth f0e4a96119
Update sample screenshot
Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-03-22 16:05:53 +03:00
Alan Orth d91e19aa1f
cv.tex: universe -> Universe
The Universe is the totality of existence.

Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-03-17 16:52:07 +03:00
Alan Orth 1012a6eb07
cv.tex: Add Fedora to Linuxes
Might as well, as I've been using it for the last 1 year on my des-

Signed-off-by: Alan Orth <>
2015-03-17 16:37:10 +03:00