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@ -127,7 +127,6 @@ This currently uses the [Python langid]( lib
- Warn if an author is shorter than 3 characters?
- Validate DOIs? Normalize to format? Or use just the DOI part: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2010.06.006
- Warn if two items use the same file in `filename` column
- Add an option to drop invalid AGROVOC subjects?
- Add tests for application invocation, ie `tests/`?
- Validate ISSNs or journal titles against CrossRef API?
- Add configurable field validation, like specify a field name and a validation file?
@ -137,7 +136,7 @@ This currently uses the [Python langid]( lib
- Warn if item is Open Access, but missing a license
- Warn if item has an ISSN but no journal title
- Update journal titles from ISSN
- Migrate to
- Migrate from Pandas to Polars
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