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title="English Bulgaria"
#theme=["hugo-theme-bootstrap5-blog", "hugo-snap-gallery"]
theme=["hugo-theme-bootstrap5-blog", "hugo-video"]
enableRobotsTXT = true
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paginate = 3
copyright = "Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/)."
#enableGitInfo = true
# Default resample filter used for resizing. Default is Box,
# a simple and fast averaging filter appropriate for downscaling.
# See https://github.com/disintegration/imaging
#resampleFilter = "CatmullRom"
# Default JPEG quality setting. Default is 75.
#quality = 82
posts = "/:year/:month/:slug/"
page = "/:slug/"
# Site author
author = "Alan Orth"
# Description/subtitle for homepage (can be Markdown)
description = "Life in the Balkans... in English! ![om](vlah)"
# Format dates with Go's time formatting
date_format = "Mon Jan 02, 2006"
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google_verify_meta = "DDjjsgQkHNfTs0c7eNhK9cLOKICiG4UV4S25Y08LTZU"
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bing_verify_meta = "2CA373095D945D1AA256B1CD8A3DF872"
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yandex_verify_meta = "4da8e13ffdc83261"
# Optional about block for sidebar (can be Markdown)
about = "_English Bulgaria_. Life in the Balkans... in English! [Read more →](/about)"
# How many posts to show on the sidebar (Default: 5)
#num_recent_posts = 2
name = "Alan in Kenya"
url = "https://alaninkenya.org"
name = "Mjanja Tech"
url = "https://mjanja.ch"
name = "Picturing Jordan"
url = "https://picturingjordan.com"
# allow rendering of HTML in content (like abbr, blockquote/cite, etc)
unsafe = true